Why is it better to donate monthly than to give a single donation?

We count on your monthly donation to be able to plan ahead and continue to provide support to families in need in Egypt. When you pledge to donate monthly, you enable us to: More effectively plan our upcoming work, knowing that we have the funds ready to invest in long-term solutions and make a lasting impact for families Have extra medical supplies ready for the ongoing operational needs of the mobile clinics Respond to families needs wherever it is most urgently required at the time

How can I stop or update my monthly donation?

Things change, we understand. If you would like to stop your monthly donations, please provide your name, Member ID (if you know it), to our Support team by email at admin@shepherdofegypt.org.au Or give us a call on +61 449 554 555. We will need 4 weeks’ notice. If you'd like to take a break from donating, reduce the amount you give each month or change your personal details, you can! Just let our friendly team know.

When will my donation be deducted?

Your first donation will be deducted the day you sign up. Subsequent donations will be deducted on the 20th of every month, or the nearest business day.

How will you distribute the donations collected?

Donations will be distributed as per your preference otherwise it will be spent where the need is greatest.